The Homeless Devil Haunts Film Maker

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

While filming my documentary Here Comes That Dreamer, I lived on the streets. It was a horrible, gratifying, surreal, truthful, hateful and loving piece of living. I will always carry it with me. Especially the video shown here in this story.

One morning (I call him the Homeless Devil), came over to me. Wearing a hunters red flannel shirt he walked slowly but with confidence, hands tucked in his pockets. The shirt was tucked in and cinched tight with his belt. He had a face full of gray stubby whiskers, probably four or five days worth. I was just waking up when he approached, feet on the ground, sitting on the cot I had occupied during the cold ass Tucson night.

He tried to engage the others who were also just getting up and around. They ignored him. I should have too. He seemed to have mind phenomena. But after listening I realized he may actually have had phonemic awareness, which includes the ability to hear and manipulate units of sound.

He left the small group that was ignoring him and came to me. He said my name, Pat. He got my attention so I listened, not thinking about how he knew my name. It wasn’t until just a few days ago, almost two years later, I listened to the audio from this clip and heard my name spoken. I played it over and over a dozen or more times. Yep he said my name.

It’s bothersome but not scary that he would call me out and physically touch me to get his message through. I usually listen to everyone crazy or not. This time I should have not done so. I should have done exactly what everyone else did. Read the warning signs, “Here comes crazy, run away.”

Whether or not we believe in such things as curses, spells, evil transmissions and the list goes on, the fact that I am currently bothered by this experience proves it is very powerful and has weight. Am I dammed? I don’t believe I am. I know, however, the experience and those words have found a home inside my being. I have not seen the Homeless Devil since that encounter. If I do see him again I will walk or run the other way. Maybe.

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